Cost Reduction Facility Solutions

Reduce Costs / Operate Efficiently / Improve Design

FTCH has developed FacilityWISE™, a program to reduce project costs through increased efficient design solutions. The FacilityWISE program leads to significant reductions in construction costs, better operational efficiency, and simpler design and construction solutions.

PROVEN:  FTCH has successfully delivered cost reduction solutions for major national clients. In some cases, implemented solutions have enhanced design while reducing project costs by more than 25 percent.

PROFESSIONAL:  With a professional team, you get professional results. FacilityWISE utilizes a multi-discipline team of talented senior-level architects, engineers, and constructors focused on uncovering opportunities to lower construction and operational costs.

PROCESS:  All elements relating to the design and construction of a facility are thoroughly analyzed including site/civil, architectural components, and engineering systems (structural, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, electrical, and utilities).

RESULTS:  Real savings solutions are discovered, analyzed, and documented ready for implementation within weeks of the start of the FacilityWISE process.

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