Steam Distribution System Design + Construction

For years, FTCH has provided practical and effective steam tunnel system and thermal pipe design. We have helped Big 10 universities improve and repair their steam distribution systems. Our steam team has worked on all aspects of steam distribution—from new design, repair of concrete tunnels, master planning, and modeling—and works seamlessly with our clients to provide an excellent solution to their steam distribution needs.

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All Steam Distribution Services

  • Steam and Condensate Return Design
  • Chilled Water Design
  • Hot Water Supply and Return
  • New Utility Tunnel Design
  • Aging Tunnel Replacement
  • New Building Extensions
  • Direct Buried Replacement
  • Distribution System Flow Modeling
  • Existing System Evaluation
  • Structural System Review
  • Concrete Assessment and Repair
  • Water Infiltration
  • Brick Arch Tunnel Assessment
  • Piping System Assessment
  • Guide Spacing and Evaluation
  • Anchor Evaluation
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Preservation
  • Master Plan Development for Expanding Systems
  • Existing Tunnel System Assessment and Repair Planning