Hackley Public Library Renovation

The Hackley Public Library has been providing services to the City of Muskegon in its original facility since its first dedication in 1890. Little has physically changed to the facility over the past 119 years; however, many services offered have changed relative to the type of material offered and how services are delivered.

Being aware library services will evolve and the demand for both traditional and new services will continue to grow within the community, the Hackley Public Library commissioned library planner George Lawson, for a building needs assessment and along with FTCH completing a facility condition assessment to provide background for the recommended solutions, as well as a feasibility study with estimates of construction costs. Ms. Lorri D. Sipes, FAIA provided a preliminary historic assessment of the facility for the FTCH team.

Interior renovations to the library included major new attributes include repairing and refinishing existing plaster, improved lighting and communications, and re-design and relocation of the main circulation desk. The project also includes a modest addition which houses a new emergency exit stairway from the youth services area on the second floor.