General Dynamics Land System Maneuver Collaboration Center (MC2) Vehicle Testing Facility

The Vehicle Testing Facility was physically and programmatically envisioned as an extension of the General Dynamics Land System MC2 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

This industrial research and design facility houses various vehicle calibration technology testing apparatus and a systems integration lab (SIL). A main feature of this project is a massive dynamometer, capable of testing large military vehicles (up to 70 tons at 55 mph). Acoustical design was a critical design component of this facility, primarily between the dynamometer lab and the adjacent SIL. Special acoustical wall, door, and window systems were provided to allow for normal speech within the SIL during vehicle tests.

Due to the array of vehicles to be tested in the dynamometer lab, tailpipe exhaust systems were not an option. Therefore, all vehicles exhaust directly into the lab, and the exhaust is removed using a complex make-up air system, coupled with gas monitoring systems and alarms.