Former Aerospace Plant Chemical Oxidation and ERD, Soil and Groundwater CVOCs

Manufacturing operations at a former aerospace plant in Pinellas Park, Florida, released various chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) including 1,4-dioxane to soils and groundwater. FTCH completed source remediation at six source areas on the facility site. Various technologies were employed based on the site-specific information for each source area. High concentration CVOCS (some DNAPL) were initially treated in situ using chemical oxidation (Fenton’s reagent and potassium permanganate). The next phase of in situ remediation included ERD using emulsified soybean oil as the carbon substrate. Microbe augmentation was also successfully utilized at the site. FTCH fully completed, with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) approval, all the required interim response activities for the source area remediation, the Site Assessment Plan, and developed the strategy and components for total site closure.