Traffic Engineering Solutions

It is a Monday morning, and the traffic signals at an already congested intersection are not working. Moments like this are when drivers realize the importance of traffic engineering. From transportation planning to roundabout analysis, our engineers are committed to solutions that help traffic function efficiently, economically, rapidly, and effectively to move people and goods within the communities we live and work. With our professional traffic operations engineers and transportation planners, we help communities solve their traffic dilemmas through the following methods:

  • Transportation Planning
  • Speed, Safety, Gap, Parking, and Traffic Impact Studies
  • Grant Writing, Administering, and Planning
  • Pavement Marking and Signage
  • Maintenance of Traffic Modeling
  • Site Distance Review
  • Signal Warrant, Intersection, and Roundabout Analyses

We know traffic flow through your community or your campus is a constant worry, yet an opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression on visitors and residents. FTCH will help study, design, and implement the best in traffic engineering efficiencies, through our experience with innovations such as diverging diamond interchanges and compact urban roundabouts.

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