saving energy with commissioning

You’d love to replace your facility’s dusty, aging equipment with shiny new models, but that is not always feasible nor cost effective. Although rising energy and maintenance costs are cutting deep into your bottom line, the price tag for an equipment replacement project is an even tougher pill to swallow. If this scenario sounds frustratingly familiar, there may be a solution you haven’t considered yet- existing building commissioning (EB Cx).

Our commissioning services focus on testing your new building’s equipment and systems to verify functionality according to their design objectives and specifications. As the name implies, EB Cx applies the same process to an existing facility, with a particular focus on investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of building systems. We will then help identify and implement low/no-cost facility improvements to ensure their continued performance.

Most existing buildings have not undergone any type of commissioning process. Over time, facility requirements change and operational efficiencies may degrade. In turn, many buildings are performing well below their potential by using more energy (and therefore costing more to operate) than necessary. FTCH’s EB Cx services provide an alternative to expensive systems replacement. We identify opportunities to improve building performance, solve comfort and operational problems, and reduce costs. We’ll help your energy by optimizing your existing systems.

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EBCx Services

  • Review System Design
  • Provide Value Analysis
  • Commissioning Plan and Specifications
  • Manage Equip and System Performance
  • Verify System Testing
  • Ensure Systems Function Properly
  • Coordinate Operator Training
  • Facilitate System Turnover
  • Review O&M Manuals
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Provide LEED Documentation
  • Review/Document Design Criteria and Owner’s Requirements