Mechanical, Electrical + Structural Engineering

Infrastructure and facility engineering encompasses the physical networks necessary to support efficient building and infrastructure function. This includes electrical engineering, maintenance, environmental, health and safety, energy, controls/instrumentation, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, commissioning, and HVAC needs. From advanced technologies and new designs to remedial action for existing systems and buildings, our focus ensures that the application, function, and cost of environments are appropriate.


FTCH has applied our highly capable engineering staff to address the challenges of Mission Critical Facilities. These include data centers, high performance computing suites, operations centers, nanotechnology facilities, vivaria, and other research and scientific facilities. Research and computation are expensive and time consuming endeavors. Our systematic process for systems definition and design enables us to excel with these complicated and difficult facilities. We work to make sure that facility constraints do not limit mission success. We go well beyond the traditional belt and suspenders design approach and deliver the true value of a facility or system built to respond to an owner’s needs.