Air Quality Control + Management

FTCH employs one of Michigan's largest technical groups dedicated to air quality. Our professional engineers and air quality scientists use their vast experience and understanding of ever-changing regulations to develop complete air quality permits, perform complex modeling analyses and compliance surveys, develop client-specific tracking systems, and provide regulatory support.

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All Air Quality Services

  • Regulatory Analysis and Planning
  • Corporate Compliance Strategies
  • Major/Minor Source Permitting
  • Dispersion Modeling Analyses
  • BACT/T-BACT/LAER Reviews
  • MACT/GACT Compliance
  • GHG Reporting and BACT Analyses
  • Emission Inventory Reports
  • ROP Applications and Renewals
  • NSR & ROP Compliance Surveys
  • Litigation Support
  • Identification of Emission Offsets/Credits
  • Permit-Specific Compliance Tracking Systems