Integrated Services + Project Delivery Method

FTCH’s integrated services approach is an alternative project delivery method that expedites schedules, reduces costs and oversight, and simplifies the design and construction process. As the single source for project design and construction, we can offer the owner significant value; including the opportunity to become more actively involved in the bidding process. Since design and construction professionals are under one roof, FTCH’s approach enables better communication and coordination between team members and often results in reduced architectural/engineer fees during construction.


  • One source of project responsibility reduces owner’s time commitment and risk.
  • “Open Book” bid evaluation leads to more transparent bidding process.
  • An integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation.
  • Ideal for complex, uncertain, and quick projects.


  • Single-source responsibility maximizes coordination and ensures effective communication.
  • Can be added as an extension of FTCH’s professional design services.
  • Greater owner involvement and control throughout design and construction.
  • Construction estimators involved during the design phase to control the construction budget and ensure cost-efficiency in design.
  • Seamless transfer from design to construction, improving overall project quality.
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