Infrastructure Mapping + GIS Services

Geographic information systems (GIS) provide an effective tool to accurately depict land information and infrastructure. GIS is an ideal format for the maintenance, analysis, and asset management of systems such as utilities, roads, and zoning. Federal- and state-level digital data such as flood zones, census data, land cover, topography, environmental features, and high-resolution aerial photography can be incorporated to enhance GIS capability. FTCH maintains current ESRI ArcGIS© and AutoCAD© software licenses and GPS equipment to assist our clients locate and document existing assets.

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All Mapping/GIS Services

  • Data Collection
  • Data Implementation
  • Ongoing Records Coordination
  • Historical Records Organization
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Utility Master Plans
  • Campus Master Plans
  • Watershed Management Plans
  • Support and Technical Assistance