Architectural Design

The Architectural Department is dedicated to creating successful architectural solutions. The quality of life that our projects bring to our clients is important and a reflection of us; we strive to provide well-designed and creative facilities.


To meet the clients’ needs and achieve business goals in a manner that exemplifies our Core Values; this is the goal FTCH Architectural Department strives to achieve. As a result, we bring innovative and excellent design to a broad variety of clients.

All FTCH disciplines work in a synergistic, mutually respectful, collaborative way which taps the talents of each individual to the benefit of our clients and each other. The quality and value of our designs achieved through this collaborative approach differentiates us from our competitors and makes us the design professionals of choice in our target market. We aim to be known and respected as outstanding business persons, as well as outstanding design professionals. We want our reputation and credibility to continue to grow and be considered trusted advisors for our clients.

Architectural Client Types