St. Joseph Water Intake and Shorewell Pumping Station

The City of St. Joseph constructed a Lake Michigan intake and shorewell pumping station to provide additional capacity and reliability to the raw water supply, which serves over 38,000 residents in six communities.

The existing plant intake is located approximately a quarter of a mile from shore in roughly 16 feet of water and is susceptible to clogging due to shifting sand bars. Additionally, the intake is susceptible to frazil ice formation and rapid changes in raw water temperatures that create treatment problems. These issues led the City to improve the reliability of the intake system with a new deep water intake.

An intake study was performed to determine desired location and optimal distance from shore. The raw water pumping station includes four pumps and has a total capacity of 32 MGD. A chlorine feed system was included for control of invasive mussels. A sampling system was provided to enable raw water samples to be taken directly from the lake at the intake prior to chlorine addition.

The project also included a dedicated standby power generator and a SCADA system interface.