Purdue University Birck Ultra Performance Nanotechnology Center

FTCH was hired to act on behalf of Purdue University as the Commissioning Authority during the construction phase for the highly sophisticated Birck Ultra Performance Nanotechnology Center project. The building has 40 air handling units, 50 hydronic pumps, and high-performance requirements that presented unique challenges.

Through close interaction with University personnel, and onsite observation, evaluation, and testing, FTCH provided a significant contribution to the success of this world-class research facility.

Bio Lab Exhaust and Make-up Air Systems

Following original involvement as commissioning authority, FTCH designed system modifications to provide a separate bio exhaust system to accommodate future expanded biological research needs at the University’s Nanotechnology Center.

FTCH determined future exhaust system requirements and prepared design documents that added two new 25,000-CFM exhaust fans to serve the expanded bio lab area. The bio exhaust system was designed to serve HEPA filtered bio exhaust cabinets, fume hoods, and other containment devices. The existing (non-bio) exhaust fans were repositioned and reconfigured to serve as a fully-redundant pair for the remainder of their original service area.

In addition to exhaust system modifications, FTCH’s design included an additional 15,000-CFM air handling unit to make up the future exhaust loads that will be added. This air handling unit is custom-designed by FTCH to fit within an existing mechanical room space and provide the performance needed for this world-class research facility.