Owosso Water Treatment Plant

Operating a water softening facility, the City of Owosso wanted to evaluate alternatives and costs to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing systems. FTCH was retained to complete an engineering study and subsequent design to upgrade the plant. FTCH worked with the City through all project phases including the engineering study, design, bidding, and construction services. The main project focus included replacement of the lime softening equipment for treatment of the City’s groundwater supply. The plant is rated at 6 MGD and treats water with an average hardness of 500 mg/l.

Key components of the project included pre-aeration with a new, forced draft aerator to reduce initial lime demand; two new enclosed 3-MGD solids contact clarifiers to replace existing, open-air softening tanks; new lime storage and slaking facilities to replace existing equipment; carbon dioxide facilities added for recarbonation; chlorine and fluoride feed system upgrades; and new SCADA control system and laboratory facilities.