MSU West Circle Drive Steam Distribution/Road Reconstruction

Various tunnel segments on Michigan State University's North Campus were over 110 years old, had surpassed their useful service life, and were in need of replacement due to safety concerns. Replacement involved 403 feet of walkable tunnel (internally 6 feet high by 6 feet wide) and 705 feet of shallow trench-style tunnel, referred to as crawl tunnel. Two major vaults were constructed to facilitate branches to buildings, thermal expansion joints, pipe anchors, traps, and main line valves. With the majority of the tunnel located under West Circle Drive, the University took the opportunity to reconstruct the road (including water main and sewer) and add a bike lane to increase vehicular and pedestrian safety. Significant site modifications were also made to the sidewalk along with site lighting, snow melt systems, and porous pavement in parking spaces. FTCH provided full-service engineering including structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical design for this 4-phase project. 


2015 Engineering Excellence National Recognition Award - American Council of Engineering Companies

2015 Engineering Excellence Honorable Award - American Council of Engineering Companies/Michigan