Meijer Urban Marketplace

Working as the prime design consultant, FTCH worked with Meijer on their new, 195,000sf grocery store and 2,640-sf gas station and convenience store included as the anchor in a new, 36-acre development on 8 Mile Road and Woodward Avenue in the City of Detroit. Developed by prominent business people from the City doing business as Detroit Gateway Park, LLC, this project includes over 350,000 sf of new retail/commercial buildings. The project introduces the creation and development of a new merchandising format store design for Meijer to use in urban markets that will be similar to their standard stores, but will include many unique features for the urban setting.

As well as assisting Meijer with the layout and design of their 17-acre portion of the site, FTCH also participated on a multidisciplinary team assembled to program and design the new store, including a new store exterior emphasizing identity and branding, a new store layout, and new integrated systems for refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting improving quality and energy performance.

Meijer was awarded a $200,000 rebate from DTE Energy based on energy saving initiatives designed into the new store construction. This is the maximum amount a DTE customer can receive in new construction via their rebate program. Energy modeling prepared by FTCH predicts energy usage nearly 30 percent lower than ASHRAE requirements.

The store achieved silver certification under the LEED-Retail program. This is the highest level achieved by a Meijer store.