Mackinac Island WWTP Improvements

FTCH has long provided consulting and engineering services to the City of Mackinac Island for its water and wastewater treatment and conveyance facilities. The City’s WWTP had deteriorated due to age and required upgrades to ensure long-term compliance with its discharge limits. The upgrades were designed to take into account the large fluctuation in flows and loads observed at the plant as a result of seasonal tourism on the island. FTCH provided planning, design, and construction administration services for the City’s WWTP improvements.

The project included new influent flow metering; a summer headworks facility, including mechanical screening and grit removal; a  winter headworks mechanical screen; performance upgrades to primary and secondary clarifiers; upgrades to the return and waste-activated sludge pumps; a process service building to house a new slow-speed rotary sludge press system; ferric chloride storage and feed system; electrical systems; electrical upgrades and a new backup generator; and upgrades to the effluent disinfection tank and flow metering system.


2014 Engineering Excellence Honorable Award - American Council of Engineering Companies/Michigan