Lockington Dam Concrete Inspection and Evaluation

The Lockington Dam is one of five “dry” dams constructed after the Great Flood of 1913 to protect the cities along the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio. The dam is located on Loramie Creek near the Village of Lockington in Shelby County, Ohio, and was completed in 1921. The Lockington Dam spillway system displayed surface deterioration consistent with concrete that was over 90 years old and had experienced numerous freeze-thaw cycles. Shotcrete repairs made to the abutment walls and overflow spillway in 1973 to 1974 were in poor condition, as were original concrete surfaces that had not been repaired.

Contracted by the Miami Conservancy District, FTCH led a project team to inspect and evaluate the concrete spillway system, and to determine the location, extent, and depth of the concrete damage and the structural integrity of the concrete structure. The east flow path through the dam was dewatered for the first time since 1919 to expose the underwater portions of the spillway. We obtained 72 concrete cores from the underwater and above-water portions of the spillway surfaces and evaluated them in a concrete laboratory. The results of the inspection, laboratory testing program, and structural evaluation were used to develop repair recommendations and estimated repair costs to prolong the life of this vital component of the flood protection works for the cities along the Great Miami River.