Forest Avenue and Transformer Park

The full reconstruction of Forest Avenue, bound between Hill Street and South University in downtown Ann Arbor, involved numerous FTCH engineering disciplines. Project challenges included tight design and construction schedules, heavily-traveled corridor including vehicular and pedestrian trips, existing drainage problems, and limited ROW that generated grading issues.

Sandy subgrade material was determined to be a candidate for site infiltration drainage. FTCH conducted a full hydraulic study including storm event modeling, and designed and installed stone reservoir storage basins below the roadway. Leaching basins and perforated pipe were designed to convey water to the sandy subgrade where the infiltration process takes place.

FTCH provided design and survey for the full-depth road construction, water main, ADA ramp upgrades, and drainage improvements. FTCH also performed a thorough traffic engineering review of the pedestrian and vehicular volumes, routes, and operations; creating robust maintaining traffic plans that facilitated and maintained access for all travel methods.

Transformer Park was included as part of the project. The scope included jointed colored concrete design, upgrading all surfaces for ADA compliance, and drainage improvements.