Gerald R. Ford International Airport
Field Maintenance and Storage Facility

The Gerald R. Ford International Airport needed improved and additional space to house various maintenance vehicles.

The new facility houses a fleet of over 40 maintenance vehicles, ranging from snow removal equipment measuring up to 22 feet-wide, to tight maneuver lawn mowers. The building contains vehicle maintenance bays, wash bays, parts/tool storage, office space, locker rooms, dining/training room, and double occupancy bunk rooms to support staff that, in certain weather conditions, operate 24-hours-per-day.

The facility was designed to be expanded in the future, enabling the entire fleet of maintenance vehicles to be stored under one roof. Economy, efficiency, and durability were key design features. The use of a preengineered structural system (130-foot-span), a combination of precast concrete wall panels and insulated metal siding, and translucent clerestory panels to allow natural light to penetrate the building, ensures that the structure meets the needs of this growing international airport for years to come.

Additional onsite features include fueling stations, deicing stations, a 100-foot-diameter sand/urea dome, and a 60-foot-diameter salt dome.

Durable furnishings and finishes were requirements for this facility. Therefore, painted concrete block, vinyl composition tile, and ceramic tile were used extensively with carpeting utilized in the offices and bunk rooms. The project included specifications of office, dining/training room, and bunk room furnishings. The building exterior colors are reflected in the interior color palette of white and pale blue with red, navy, and yellow accents.