Spectrum Health Hospital Kitchen and Servery Renovation

FTCH collaborated with Spectrum Health System as they implement an updated vision for patient-centered care in all of their Grand Rapids facilities. As part of that goal, they have focused on three ways to support their revised meal service methods at their downtown Butterworth Hospital.

Spectrum needed to expand and renovate the Spectrum Health Hospital production kitchen, servery, and seating area; accommodate the increasing volume of meals served; and reconfigure the production and servery areas to develop a more efficient work flow. Some areas of the food service operation had not been renovated in over 40 years, although meal service has increased from 1.2 to 2.7 million meals in the last decade.

Construction for the project is to be completed in approximately 12 phases, allowing uninterrupted food service operations, but requiring a complex renovation strategy. The design for efficient meal transportation to key distribution areas on each patient floor brings additional challenges.

Due to the project’s complexity and the critical completion dates for each phase, the design and documentation has been developed using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. By utilizing BIM and other sophisticated 3D modeling tools, the design team is better able to understand the impact of the complex sequencing demands, coordinate the introduction of new mechanical equipment being installed for the updated kitchen operation, and react to deferred maintenance issues.