University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers CVC Operating Room Renovations

Complete Healthcare Design and Engineering

Healthcare systems are challenged with upgrading and replacing expensive imaging equipment and technology within the infrastructure of aging facilities while meeting operational deadlines. Architects and engineers need an accurate understanding of existing conditions to perform their design work and convey information to the client and contractor to minimize surprises during the construction phase and upon final occupancy.

FTCH uses laser scanning to efficiently record existing conditions in areas difficult to access and provides augmented reality to convey detailed equipment layouts to clinicians. Virtual technologies save time, money, and minimize disruption to hospital operations while offering clients the ability to view design progress through 3D images using their phone or tablet.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning, a three-dimensional scan, offers a quick and accurate method to collect data. Using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) measurement techniques, the size and shape of an object or environment is determined, allowing existing conditions to be recorded in a 3D model. Creating a fully coordinated, multi-discipline building information model (BIM) allows us to leverage the information for the benefit of design, construction, and post construction activities.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a useful visualization tool for delivering an immersive experience. Clients are instantly and seamlessly connected to 3D models of entire buildings or 3D detailed rooms, enabling 360-degree turns. FTCH delivers this experience to clients via smartphone or tablet, allowing stakeholders and contractors to view existing and proposed layouts of equipment and utilities. This immersive experience helps them identify design discrepancies and easily make necessary adjustments. Using this technology helps ensure quality work, avoids potential design problems, and illustrates the design beyond a 2D drawing.