Amway World Headquarters Renovation

The Amway World Headquarters Building located in Ada, Michigan, needed renovation of various areas, including the main entry lobby and reception area; second floor gallery; restrooms; recognition meeting room; and presentation conference room.

The design of the world headquarters lobby reflects Amway’s values and qualities to every visitor and employee entering its doors. The lobby reflects the company’s heritage and foundation and, at the same time, Amway’s worldwide presence and vision for the future.

FTCH worked as a partner in the design process to create a classic and timeless design, which is warm, friendly, and inviting, and reflects the company’s West Michigan location and continued interest in environmental responsibility. Through the selection and use of green materials, such as recycled leather wall coverings, low VOC adhesives, cork flooring, and recycled content carpet, the story of Amway’s environmental stewardship is reinforced.


2011 Design Competition, Corporate Space Category Runner Up - American Society of Interior Designers/MI Chapter