Ryan Eversole, PE

Who: Ryan Eversole, PE
Title: Senior Structural Engineer
On what inspired him to be an engineer: I was always a curious kid and liked taking things apart and seeing how they went back together. I guess this curiosity carried over into my career choice, since structural engineering is very much related to figuring out how to put things together. As a result of this continued curiosity, I definitely get my fair share of eye rolls from my wife when she catches me staring at structural components in restaurants, stores, etc…always looking for new ideas! I enjoy getting involved early in projects and determining unique, efficient ways to tackle the structure, and how each project is different from the last. I’ve been able to further expand my structural systems knowledge thanks to the range of architectural and engineering projects that I’ve been involved with at FTCH.
Expertise: Design and detailing of various structural systems, including structural steel, concrete, and masonry.
Favorite Phrase/Mantra: “Do” or “do not” – there is no “try”. – Yoda
Little Known Fact: I’ve played soccer my entire life and recently coached several youth soccer teams. I’m also a big supporter of Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League and FC Barcelona in the Spanish Primera Division.