Step Inside

Sixty years after its founding, more than 400 staff members in 11 regional offices have made FTCH one of the premier professional consulting firms in the nation. Engineering, environmental sciences, architecture, and construction management are the cornerstones of FTCH’s services and integrated project approach. With the technical capabilities and understanding to take even the largest projects from initial concept to completion, we are a hands-on, design-oriented practice at heart. Our team of experts takes pride in our commitment to reliability in design, connection to our clients, and creativity at our core.

We are listeners, collaborators, and partners. Your project is unique and we treat it with the care it deserves by listening and finding an approach or solution that is exactly what you need. Our experience in a wide array of project types, geographic locations, construction techniques, and design styles allows us to be flexible and efficient. FTCH’s ability to connect across our numerous in-house disciplines allows us to see the big picture and, because we approach each project from many different perspectives, gives us an unparalleled ability to innovate. Our talented team and collective knowledge transcend the conventional boundaries of design and construction. Collaboration with our engineers, environmental scientists, architects, and construction professionals encourages innovative methods and exceptional results.

Above all, FTCH believes in harmony between your project and the natural environment, and our approach is created with this balance in mind.